Thermoflex DecoFilm SuperSilver 19in x 30ft


DecoFilm Metallic Foil

For the brilliance of gold, silver, and colored metallic foil

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DecoFilm adds the value of precious metals to your designs. You can also use these foils in conjunction with ThermoFlex® and DecoFlock™ films for brilliant accent or contrast.

Its low to mid-range transfer temperature (310 F – 330 F) hot-melt adhesive will attach to most fabrics, including some temperature sensitive ones such as some nylons. Since fabric characteristics vary, test before using in production. Brilliants are hand-wash ONLY.

Super Silver and Super Gold share a reflective metal foil appearance with Brilliant Silver and Brilliant Gold. Super Silver and Super Gold have a slightly softer hand, however, and show the texture of the attached fabric more than Brilliant Silver and Brilliant Gold, which offer a smooth mirrored chrome surface.