Sound One Way Vision Vinyl Adhesive (38.5in x 164ft) .98m x50m


Make the most of your storefront and advertise with custom one-way vision.

  • Great for full-coverage window advertising
  • Unique material allows natural light to shine through
  • Best used outside window for maximum impact

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One Way Vision For Full-Sized Storefront Coverage

One way vision is the best product option for full-coverage store window displays. The unique perforation pattern of one way vision allows you to advertise on your windows with a beautiful, full-color design, but from the inside customers can see straight through it. With Sound One Way Vision material, you can cover your entire storefront in one way vision without worrying about blocking visibility through your windows or making customers feel trapped inside your store. Since one way vision film is adhesive, it should be used for long-term graphics and advertising. Customers are attracted to storefronts that are covered with full-color one way vision graphics, and as a whole, your store looks more-professional. Make your storefront stand out with custom one way window film.

One Way Window Film For Visibility Out But Not In

One way window film material is micro-perforated with 1.5 mm holes in a 65/35 pattern. This means that 35% of the one way window film is cut away for see-through visibility. Since the outside of your one way window film will have a design printed in full-color, customers won’t be able to see inside. From the inside however, one way window film still allows visibility. The material is also a great way to cut the glare of sunlight—one way window film won’t tint your windows, but for stores that face direct sun, it definitely helps diffuse the brightness. The perforations in one way window film make the material much easier to apply than a solid material and also reduce the amount of bubbles during installation.

Window Wraps Make Your Storefront Look Its Best

Window wraps can be customized with unique designs that reflect your business. We offers a wide variety of professionally designed, fully customizable templates for window wraps. Each of these beautiful designs can be personalized with your business name, images of your products, your contact information, your logo, and your brand colors, to create unforgettable window wraps that stop potential customers in their tracks. Our high quality, full-color digital printing produces stunning window wraps that show your store is investing in its appearance. Window wraps have a self-adhesive backing for outside installation. The Inside Glass option is available, however, if you would prefer to install window wraps inside your store.

One way vision film gives your store a dynamic presence. With custom one way window film from Sound, you can advertise in your windows without restricting visibility or blocking light.