Foam Board two side paperbacked 5mm thickness 4′ x 8′ sheets


Foam Boards makes great signage material and last for a very long time indoors.

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1) An environmental protective foam materials instead of woods and steels.

2) It is a flexible, economical, extremely versatile.

3) The fine cell structure and smooth surface finish makes it the preferred choice of professional printers and sign makers.

4) Light-weight.

5) Good heat preservation, sound insulation, shock absorption and so on.

6) The board can be filmed or printed colorfully

7) It owns many ways of processing such as nailing, sawing, planning, cementing, jointing and so on.



1) Signage & display panels

2) Internal wall hung displays

3) Exterior framed units

4) Screen printed panels.



1) Wall cladding & partitioning

2) Hygienic cladding

3) Decorative cladding

4) Temporary partitioning

5) False ceilings

With the usual equipment and tools, it can be processed again.

1) Bending when heated-up, thermal forming

2) Cutting and sawing

3) Hole-drilling, channeling and die cutting

4) Welding and boding.

5) Nail, wrest and rivet.

6) Plastic Coating, Membrane-stuck and printing.


Suit for: 

1) Solvent

2) Eco-solvent

3) UV printing
4) Screen printing